Chews On Belay Dog Toys

People like us, Dogs Love us! Handmade with love using recycled rock climbing rope and tuff ball tennis balls, we create a tough toy for your best friend!

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Handmade in Idaho from 100% recycled climbing rope and dog safe tennis balls, Chews On Belay are durable and provide tons of entertainment for your pet. 

Each toy is "Lab tested-Cook approved" for it's strength and fun factor. Every toy is machine washed with non chemical soap to rid it of any dirt it picked up as it's life as a climbing rope.

I do handmake each toy with the constant supervision of my product tester, so please when ordering allow 5-7days for your toy to be shipped

McCall, Idaho

Our toys can be purchased at many dog stores across the country!  Check back as we are always updating our retailer list!

closed for arts & crafts fairs

closed for arts and crafts fairs